Friday, 10 July 2009

Still more new moths (and other stuff)

A nice portrait of the hoverfly Helophilus pendulus. These have calmed down now that the initial courting process has died down.

A moth that is well-known to all moth trappers: Large Yellow Underwing - Noctua pronuba. It comes readily to light and is disliked for its very rumbustuous and boistrous flight. When one of these turns up, I know my photography session is over, since everything else will be knocked off its perch or blown away.

Another new moth species for me, and one that was rather tricky to identify. Brussels Lace - Cleorodes lichenaria:

The larvae of these feed on lichens, but I suspect you might have guessed that from the name.


Gill said...

Aha! My second favourite hoverfly (after the blue-bodied one). I've only seen a couple so far this year. Nice shot.

Stuart said...

Blue one is Leucozona glaucia. The Angelica has just opened, so these will be close behind.

Angelica is always welcomed with mixed feelings. Wonderful insect pictures, but I know it's downhill to autumn from here.