Saturday, 4 July 2009

Same again

Another thundery night, with warm, still, air between the showers, so I got another large batch of moths to light.

A nice pairing of the dark form of White Ermine - Spilosoma lubricipeda - (left) and Clouded Border - Lomaspilis marginata - (right).

Four new species for me: Buff Arches - Habrosyne pyritoides.

Barred Straw - Eulithis pyraliata:

Beautiful Golden Y - Autographa pulchrina:

The Flame - Axylia putris.

And one that I had last year: Heart and Dart - Agrotis exclamationis:

When you're out for a walk at the moment and you see a small cream moth flying along and then hiding upside down under leaves or grass, this is probably the culprit: Straw Dot - Rivula sericialis.

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