Monday, 6 July 2009

Green, gold and white

Moths are still coming to light, even though it has been raining heavily at night.

A very fresh (still green) Large Emerald - Geometra papilionaria:

The pale form of White Ermine - Spilosoma lubricipeda:

Burnished Brass - Diachrysia chrysitis:

And a couple of micros:

Chrysoteuchia culmella:
And Udea prunalis:


Gill said...

More fine pics - especially that burnished brass, it really does look metallic and shiny.

Moths don't sit still (long) enough for me to get pics anything like that good....

Stuart said...

Thanks. I generally find that 1am to 2am is a good time to take pics of moths at light. They seem to ignore the flash and sit perfectly still. Well, most of them.