Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Quiz part deux

The location is the same earth wall as before.

This will present no problem. Rosette about 15 cm. across:

This should be worth zero points. Rosette about 10 cm. across.

This one IS worth zero points:

I saw the old flower-heads, and I pulled them off so I'm cheating on this one: Largest leaves 2-3 cm. long.For this one I will take family. The main reason is I don't know which one it is and I won't know until about June. Specimen about 5 cm. across:

I'll have to accept one of two on this one, although I have my favourite for which:

Here's the little (2mm) weevil from yesterday:

Not the best shot on the planet, but at least it proves that it's a weevil. The grainy appearance is due to me shooting at ISO 1600 and zooming right in. When the light gets better I'll go back to ISO 400.

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Aynia said...

This is a bit easier than the last one.!!!!!! I hadn't a bog's notion.:)