Saturday, 1 May 2010

Hoverflies increasing in numbers

A couple of the Platycheirus hoverflies have grey markings rather than the more usual yellow. This is a female Platycheirus albimanus, just making her landing approach to a dandelion:

These 'in-flight' shots are attractive, but are also very useful because the wings are open and the abdominal markings are visible and can be used for identification.

Another new (for this year) moth came to light last night: Early Tooth-Striped - Trichopteryx carpinata:

Another Willow feeder.

Bilberry flowers have just opened. They start off a cream colour, but they turn pink within a few hours. These ones are just taking colour:

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Gill said...

Waht a fantastic 'air shot' of the little hoverfly; I keep trying to get one of those but so far no successful pics.