Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Summer flowers

You can tell we're approaching the summer solstice, which is rather a depressing thought.

This is Pignut. One of these days I'm going to eat the nut.

Meadow Vetchling, or Meadow Pea, is rather tricky to photograph without the yellow burning out.

Marsh Thistle tends to attract a lot of good insects, especially hoverflies and picture-wing flies. These will be my main observation targets until the Angelica comes out.

Marsh Cinquefoil always amazes me. It grows in a very tightly-confined area on the edge of one ditch. Spot the tiny petals...the big pink bits are bracts.

A bit of a surprise. I haven't found Cut-leaved Cranesbill on the patch before: I usually find it about 10 miles away.

This specimen was found on a dump site in a lay-by. Maybe it was brought in.


Pere said...

Me ha encantodo tu blog.
Muy buenas fotografias. Enhorabuena
Te invito a visitar mi blog

Gill said...

"One of these days I'm going to eat the nut." You won't like it unless you're a pig :-). Slightly bitter and usually still gritty from the soil....assuming by "nut" you mean the tuber.

Nice page - as you say the yellow vetchling is very hard to photograph. I'm always intrigued by how different marsh cinquefoil is from the other potentillas.