Sunday, 7 June 2009

Every day is different

I went to our highest local point in the expectation of finding some orchids in flower. The first thing I saw was this female Orange Tip - the first I've seen this year, although I've seen the eggs and now the larvae...see below.

The Northern March Orchids were in perfect condition for a photograph. Plenty of specimens in the usual place.

My first thought for this (from distance) was a slightly early Common Spotted Orchid, but the flower shape is identical to the Northern Marsh. This specimen was about 1 metre from the Northern Marsh, so I'm happy to call it the hybrid between the two. Nice portrait.

This Heath Milkwort was a bit of a surprise: I usually find it in deep blue, strong pink or pure white. This pale blue one is entirely new. Wonderful colour.

The first Orange Tip larvae have hatched. This one is about 3mm long...just visible on the stalk of the seedpod.

These are the eggs of the Dock Leaf Beetle, Gastrophysa viridula. The shot was on a Sorrel leaf, which is slightly unusual, although not unknown.

A Willowherb that doesn't look like a Willowherb: New Zealand Willowherb. This seems to like slightly higher places.

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