Thursday, 25 September 2008

September Sun

At last, after 4 months of rain, we have had some sunshine.

That should bring the fungi out: this is Coprinus comatus, or Lawyers Wig. Edible and good (and they were).

And now one of the tiniest of fungi: Marasmius hudsonii. These grow only on dead Holly leaves:

The close-up shows the thick gills and hairs on the cap, which is about 2mm. across:

The Willow Leaf Beetle - Lochmaea caprea is about 7mm long:

Moths are still coming to light in small numbers. This appears to be November Moth - Epirrita dilutata, but I'd better put an agg. on that to be on the safe side.

This is also a new species to me: Frosted Orange - Gortyna flavago.

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Gill said...

"Edible and good (and they were)." How d'you cook 'em? I always think these are very bland, going on tasteless.