Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Rain and New Computer

The title explains the gap in new postings.

The hedgerow is beginning to show signs of autumn: leaves are falling, and the season's growth is beginning to return to the soil. A few insects are still braving the Donegal 'humidity':

Eristalis tenax is the proper 'Drone Fly', although most other Eristalis sp. are known by the same common name.

It's a bit 'chunkier' than other similar species, although the dark wing shade and very broad facial band offer good close-up confirmation.

Leaf-miners don't have to brave the weather: they have a rather nice, dry habitat inside the leaf. This is Phytomyza crassiseta, and must be rather scarce, since the UK reference sites didn't have any images (they do, now!).

It mines Germander Speedwell, which is common enough, so it must be dependant on some other environmental conditions. New to me, and to Co. Donegal.

In passing, I've included a shot of the twin rows of hairs which are diagnostic, if you're in any doubt about your Speedwells.

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