Wednesday, 14 May 2008

More moths

As the warm nights continue, more moths are coming to light:

First, Common Carpet - Epirrhoe alternata alternata. Food plants are the bedstraw family: probably Cleavers in my case.

Then Pebble Prominent - Notodonta ziczac. Foodplant Willow. The side-view colouration is a wonderful camouflage if seen against wood and leaves, looking rather like a cut-off branch.

Also to light, the Dark Barred Twin Spot Carpet - Xanthorhoe ferrugata.

And this pale specimen that wouldn't open its wings when landed. This specimen has mystified the good and the great: work ongoing.

Last, but certainly not least, the Small Magpie - Eurrhypara hortulata. This is one of the so-called Micromoths, but is larger than many 'macromoths'. The separation into micro and macro is an accident of history, with all species in a certain book defining the 'macromoth' list and all others being micromoths, but some larger species were simply omitted from the first book.

All species on this page are new to me.

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