Tuesday, 1 April 2014

More sun: more flowers

Yesterday was bright and warm, so the spring flowers responded appropriately. Wood Sorrel appeared during the day:

Wood Sorrel
And Barren Strawberry started to open just as the sun was going down. It opened fully today in hazy sun:

Barren Strawberry
Barren Strawberry can be separated from the Wild Strawberry by the little notches in the outside of the petals, plus the bluish cast to the leaves, and the fact that the final tooth in each leaf is shorter than its neighbours:

Leaf of Barren Strawberry
During a school foray today, one of the students called me over to look at some slugs and snails that she had found. It was clear to me that I had never seen some of them before. It turns out that the large slug is the Irish Yellow Slug - Limacus maculatus - which was originally thought to be endemic to Ireland, but it originated from the Crimea, spreading from Ireland to England only late in the 20th century:

Limacus maculatus (right) and Oxychilus cellarius (left)
The small snail to the left is the Cellar Snail - Oxychilus cellarius. Both new to my Species List.

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