Sunday, 16 February 2014

A touch of sun

We're having a dry sunny day, so I popped out to see what I could see.

First Willow I checked was covered in new catkins:

Willow catkins
As soon as they open fully, hoverflies and bees will magically appear for the pollen and nectar.

I also spotted this absolutely minute orb spider working on a tiny web. It must know something that we don't:

Orb spider on web

I have been working very intensely on the new wildlife database, and have some 300 species loaded so far.

If you want an early look, you can find it here:

Warning: there are many broken links, dead-ends and incomplete pages, but I think it's time to get feedback from a wider audience. The taxonomic tree is available for all species, but very few common names have been linked so far. A major feature is the ability to follow links between associated species. There are around 600 such links in place at the moment. This is a major breakthrough, showing the complexity and interlinked nature of our wildlife.

Feedback can be added here or in the guestbook on the new site. Have a look and let me know what you think.

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amanda peters said...

I will have to have a look at the park to see if the Willow is steering. Been to wet and muddy to get out just lately..