Monday, 17 December 2012


A bit of sun today, so I went out to see what was happening.

A check of the usual ditch turned up a single flower of Lesser Celandine along with a few buds:

Lesser Celandine flower and bud
This area is sheltered by Ash trees, so I suppose it will be a bit more exposed next year or the year after.

Most fungi have been killed off by the recent frosts, but a few are still emerging. This little Mycena arcangeliana was growing through moss at the base of another Ash.

Mycena arcangelicastri

I spotted a new liverwort on a dead branch nearby:

The liverwort Radula complanata
It keyed out quickly to Radula complanata, which is described as 'epiphytic on wood in areas of high rainfall'. Bang on.

New to my Species list.

In my last post, I mentioned that some lichens reproduce by growing on unstable substrates, such as crumbling soil on embankments. This specimen of Lepraria incana is growing on the surface of moss:
Lepraria incana on moss
I took time to update my Species list with the recent new additions, and the grand total is now 1461 species. I suppose the magic 1500 might arrive next year.

Species recorded by year

The rise in number of species is remarkably constant since 2006, when I started to record everything I could identify.

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