Saturday, 17 July 2010

A poll

At this time of year I'm a magnet for Clegs: they track me down within seconds of the car door being opened. But other people are completely safe and don't even know that Clegs are around. Based on a few casual surveys, I have found that people like me with blood group O+ are targets, but people with A, B or AB, either + or - are safe to a greater or lesser degree.

This is a female of the Cleg Haematopota pluvialis, and I usually find them attached to my skin as they slice down to reach blood (you can just make out the slicing mouthparts between the front legs).

And here's a close-up of the wonderful eye:

So....just as a quick survey, if you know your blood group and are attacked or left alone by Clegs, leave a quick message in the comments area and let's see if the O+ trend continues.

Another new moth today: Grey Arches - Polia nebulosa - which feeds on many trees and shrubs:


Michele said...

If clegs = horseflies then, YES, they attack me too. And my husband. We're both O+
Thanks for introducing me to a new word!

Anonymous said...

I'm A+ and they have no problem biting me, resulting in an itchy, red and swollen area for about 3 weeks. Hate the things!

Clare said...

Some green thing was attacking me today out on the marsh at Dawros. My arm is covered in bites.

Gill said...

O- and I too am a magnet (also for mozzies)

Yoke, said...

Sorry, Stuart, my B+ blood is just as nourishing to those sucking me dry. In our previous house, I had one waiting for me in the outside window sill, which my arm would pass when getting out the door. My arm being parallel with the sill as I operate the joystick of my wheels. (chair) As the only accessible way out of the house, it was terrible just going for a carton of milk!

Thank you for its close-up view and show us its nice side;