Friday, 4 June 2010

Disused quarry

Disused quarries often flood after a while, and our local one is often good for damselflies and dragonflies. It was a bit windy today, and although I saw some Blue-tailed damsels, I couldn't get a picture.

The quarry has its own micro-climate, and is home to a few species that I don't find anywhere else on my patch.

This Mayfly is one of the Baetidae, probably from the Cloeon or Procloeon families, which prefer still water to running water:

Mouse-ear Hawkweed - Pilosella officinarum - is usually associated with limestone, which is where I normally see it, but the quarry's upper levels are covered with them:

Ox-eye daisy is fairly widespread, but it's always earlier where the sun heats up the rock:

Male specimens of the micromoth Cydia ulicetania can be seen flying over Gorse (the host plant) during daylight:
The females are more nocturnal.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Nice pictures. Those 'dandelion-like' little yellow flowers are so confusing, aren't they - there are so many of them.

Stuart said...

Oh yes, we have Hawkbits, Hawksbeards, Hawkweeds, Sow Thistles, Catsears, and then Dandelions. Add in the fact that there are around 250 different Dandelions.....