Thursday, 7 May 2009

Rain-enforced research

It hasn't stopped raining since the start of May, so that got me researching new things to do with the site. My hit tracking program has a new facility based on the Google maps tool, and the following screen shot shows the site hits since Monday 4th May.

Hits range from Chico in California to Canberra in Australia. Some will be aggregated e.g. all the Eircom hits in Ireland are deemed to come from Dublin, since that's where that particular ISP is based.

UK hits include: Glasgow, York, Reading, Brighton, London, Manchester, Leeds, Stoke, Oxford, Cambridge, Ipswich, Northampton, Luton, Bedford, Belfast. So quite reasonable coverage, really.

You might recognise your own hit and, of course, I've managed to put labels on a few of them myself.


Added a link to a new map I created on Google Maps:

(this one's interactive)

View Raphoe Wildlife in a larger map


Gill said...

Nice - no idea how you'd go about setting that up! I can't make the map active or zoom in or I might try and label my 'point'.

Very windy here these past few days - more like September!

Aynia said...

I don't think it's linked in Gill, it appears to be just a jpg. I am one of the Dublin ones even though I'm not in the city. People might recognise themselves from some of the locations Stewart mentions.

Stuart said...

Yes. It's just a screen shot, and I've relabelled it as such. The second one actually works and shows the area that I cover. Photos of each area will go up soon.

I'll use the second one as a reference for the pics for each day, so that people can watch where I've been.

Dawrosbeggar said...

Great idea, Stewart.
Have you heard about the Sheskinmore Bio-diversity weekend, 21st May?