Friday, 30 January 2009

Sign of spring?

Despite the frost and snow and sleet, I found a Willow with catkins beginning to show:

"Which Willow?" I hear you ask. "A hybrid", I reply.


Scotia and Hamish said...

Nice to see Spring is in the air. interesting blog thanks for sharing.

Gill said...

""Which Willow?" I hear you ask. "A hybrid", I reply." But presumably somewhere in the goat-grey complex?

No spring in Yorkshire today, it's been snowing most of the time.


Stuart said...

Gill: those are the two that I would choose.

Scotia: Fife, eh? Do you ever get to Tentsmuir? That's a good place for wildlife. I lived in Glenrothes for 14 years and Dunfermline for 5.