Tuesday, 7 October 2008


The Helvella family have the most bizarre shapes. This is the Black Helvella, Helvella lacunosa.

Coprinus are very distinctive with their quickly-disintegrating black gills: the smaller ones last no more than one or two days once they open. Coprinus lagopus reaches a height of around 6-8 cm, with a 2-3 cm. cap. There were a few in a very small area, so I managed to get a shot of all the visible stages:

Lycoperdon pyriforme is the only puffball that grows on wood:

Handkea excipuliformis is a very much larger puffball altogether. I hadn't found it in this area before. Height before collapse is around 15 cm.

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Anonymous said...

Hoping you are safe and well and the Common is in good order for the winter to come.