Wednesday, 9 July 2008

More moths

Micromoths can be tricky to photograph: they tend to flutter around a lot, rarely resting. And, of course, they're rather small. I tend to see them in flight and then track them, trying to get a shot as soon as they land. This micro looks to be Elachista luticomella, but I need to get the id confirmed. These are leaf-miners on grasses such as Cocks-foot grass.

I always like to show images that give some indication of size. Here is the moth next to the very well known Froghopper - Philaenus spumarius. The froghopper, incidentally, is the inhabitant (as a nymph) of 'cuckoo spit', which can be seen on verges everywhere.

Another moth to light: It's the pale form of Riband Wave - Ideaea aversata ab. remutata.

It's interesting that I appear to be getting a procession of single specimens of species that I haven't seen before coming to the lights at my front door. I did change the lamp housings, but the bulbs are the same.

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