Tuesday, 10 June 2008

A right mixture

It's always a good time of year when the orchids return. The first on my patch is usually the Northern Marsh Orchid - Dactylorhiza purpurea:

I did find a couple of Spotted Orchids in bud, but nothing worth showing yet.

Butterwort is also out. The pale yellow-green leaf rosettes always remind me of a sickly starfish.

Fungi aren't usually associated with summer, but I often find new growth of Dryads Saddle - Polyporus squammosus - at this time of year.

This batch was about 60 cm tall.

You can just make out the black 'bootlace' on the upper right of the image. This is caused by an infestation of Honey fungus, which probably killed the tree in the first place.


Andrew said...

Hello Stuart, just thought I'd bring it to your attention that you've labelled Dryad's Saddle as Polyporus badius instead of P. squamosus. This also gives me the opportunity to say how wonderful your blog is, a constant source of enlightenment. I don't set out to read it regularly but keep finding myself here while searching for all sorts of things and once here find it difficult to tear myself away. Great stuff and thanks,

Stuart said...

Andrew, you're absolutely right of course. Sometimes I place too much faith in my memory and don't cross-check everything like I should.