Thursday, 17 January 2008

Glenullin Bog

Some of you know that I have been awarded the contract to take the photographs for a wildlife booklet based around Glenullin bog in Northern Ireland. Glenullin, which was rescued from peat development, is an important raised bog with a 13m high dome, shown in the following shot:

Most of the red colouration comes from the leaves of Cotton grass, but there's another source of red in the fruit-bodies of this Cladonia lichen:

I'm not sure of the exact species, but I think it's somewhere close to Cladonia macilenta or Cladonia diversa.

I'll be showing more photographs from Glenullin as the season progresses.

This is the view south-west from my bedroom window at 8 o'clock this morning:


Howard Fox said...

Cladonia floerkeana

Stuart said...

Thanks, Howard, I knew you would sort it for me....